Typing on a smartwatch

FlickType’s unique and forgiving algorithm and interface make it the perfect typing experience for the tiny screen.

Do you think a QWERTY keyboard would be too small to be practical? Are Siri, Scribble and preset replies sufficient in all cases?

Talking to your device isn’t always appropriate, possible, or even desired. Scribble can be slow and tedious, and canned replies simply can’t capture your every thought. Having to pull your phone out of your pocket to reply is a jarring experience. And not responding until later is a recipe for disaster. We asked ourselves, what if there was a better alternative?

Using two simple flick gestures and a unique correction algorithm, FlickType offers a surprisingly comfortable experience that lets you do more with just your Apple Watch. With typing that’s almost as easy as typing on your phone, you can now reply to messages and take quick notes straight from your wrist when the situation arises — and it might be more often than you think!

Our Apple Watch app will be launching on 11/7 at 7am PST. Join the public beta and read more in our Reddit announcement.

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FlickType is a next-generation typing system by the founder of BlindType and the Fleksy keyboard. Its universal design offers maximum comfort, regardless of screen size or visual ability. Read more about our mission: Designing for Inherent Universal Gains.