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Add a powerful keyboard to your watchOS apps and dramatically improve the text input experience for users. Leverage full typing and editing capabilities to greatly enhance existing parts of your app, or enable entirely new features like messaging and note-taking directly on Apple Watch.

Deceptively simple

Using two simple flick gestures and a unique correction algorithm, FlickType offers a surprisingly comfortable experience so that your users can do more with just their Apple Watch.

FlickType screenshot on Apple Watch

Seamlessly integrated

FlickType automatically appears as an alternative input method, so users will find it right where they expect. You don’t have to make any changes to your existing interface, and with no code required to add FlickType to your app you'll be up and running in no time.

FlickType screenshot on Apple Watch

App Store

FlickType on the App Store

Check out FlickType in some of these popular apps:


Chirp for Twitter

A wrist-based Twitter app


Nano for Reddit

A wrist-based Reddit client


WatchChat for WhatsApp

Voice messages, pictures, text


WristBook for Facebook

Feed & activity on your Watch!


Complicate It

Customize your watch!



Beautiful Mastodon App


Wrist for GroupMe

Send & receive on Watch


WristPost for Facebook

Make status updates with ease


Personal Diary (Journal) App

No Ads, Simple & Easy to Use


TweetWatch for Twitter

Tweets on your Watch


FlickType Notes

Type and edit notes on your wrist

What others say

“The typing experience on a watch is truly impressive. Surprisingly so!”

“This is incredible!! This should replace all text entry on watchOS.”

“It has made my watch much more useful.”

“I'd love to use this as the default system-wide.”

“This is the best app I’ve used on my AW in a long time.”

“I've been using your app 10x more now with FlickType!”

“It's so good! It would be amazing if we could use it with more apps!”


Resources and Documentation

Find FlickTypeKit on GitHub.