About us

FlickType is brought to you by Kosta and Ashley Eleftheriou, a couple that’s been teaming up in the startup world for almost a decade. Their complementary skills have led them to successful exits with Google, Pinterest and more. Kosta and Ashley have a passion for empowering people through technology, believing there are no limits to what people can achieve when provided with the right tools. The power of AI can assist in making the world a more inclusive place, and they plan to harness that power one effective solution at a time. Kosta is also the inventor of the popular Fleksy keyboard.

About FlickType

FlickType is the fastest keyboard app in the world for users who are blind or low-vision. Combining the familiar QWERTY keyboard layout with 2 simple gestures, FlickType enables users to type both easier as well as up to 4 times faster than ever. FlickType does not require learning an entirely new way of typing: simply trust the Artificially Intelligent engine to correct the word even when every letter is mis-tapped. With millions of words typed every month, FlickType users are literally writing books and other long form content with their devices, being productive in a way they never thought possible.

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